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Formed in 2014 by brothers Ricardo and William Cortez as a side project, they
set out to create a more reggae based sound while being influenced by their
personal styles. Shortly after solidifying a few songs (Cenizas and Verde Amor)
they took the next step by integrating Giovanny Longoria and Benny Sanchez to
the band, both local musicians, guitarists and childhood friends. La Yerba Ruda
was now a four piece group that quickly went to work on establishing a
distinctive sound that would impact the local Central Coast reggae scene and
put them on the radar. 

LYR is a Fusion Reggae band; influenced by various 
genres such as funk, R&B, Rock en Español, hip hop, even Hardcore and Metal.
The blending and restructuring of these genres give the “RUDA” sound you hear

As a musically solid four piece band, it was time to add to add a few
other members to the band, percussionist Steve Mallobox, keyboardist Anthony
“Tone” Limon, Terry King aka Mistah English and drummer Randy Fard. Starting
off 2016 strong LYR decided to add yet another band member Neal Battaglia

La Yerba Ruda will definitely take you on a musical journey from up-beat
skanks, soothing R&B style verses to metal riffs. LYR is far from a traditional
reggae band all while providing that easy listening reggae sound.

Publisher: Indigital Studios (

Sponsor: Bumblebee Vape (


   The Dome Sessions Vol. 1 EP, Live at the Fox Theater, Live on Local Brew KZSC

Broadcast Appearances:

   KZSC, 88.1 fm (Santa Cruz, Ca)
   NugLife Radio (San Diego, Ca),
   Radio Bilingue (Salinas, Ca)
   The Salinas Podcast (Salinas, Ca)

La Yerba Ruda has shared the stage with:

   Big Mountain, Seedless, South Bay Dub Allstars, Through The Roots, Valley Roots,
   Wasted Noise, Johnny Love, DJ Spleece, General T, Spinfarm, Native Elements,
   Guidance, Rukatan Latin Tribe, Piracy Conspiracy, Project Out Of Bounds, Boti
   Lomeli, DJ G-Nyze, The Originalites, Upfull Rising, Yeshua and the Hightones,
   Aflora (Chile), Ryddim, Michael Anoti, Pacific Grown, Los Tiliches, Tim Flannery,
   Rasta Mañana, Soulwise, Synergy, Ancestree, DJ Sugarbear of the Cool and Deadly

Venues La Yerba Ruda has played:

   Moe’s Alley (Santa Cruz, Ca), Casa Sorrento (Salinas, Ca), Cannery Row Brewing
   Company (Monterey, Ca), St. Theodore’s Church (Gonzales, Ca), Frank’s Place (Warner
   Center, Fresno, Ca), U31 (San Diego, Ca), Bocci’s Cellar (Santa Cruz, Ca), The
   Britannia Arms (San Jose, Ca), The Crows Nest (Santa Cruz, Ca), The Back Bar Sofa
   (San Jose, Ca), The Blue Fin (Monterey, Ca), Johnny V’s (San Jose, Ca), The XL
   Pubhouse (Salinas, Ca), The Chosen Few MC Club House (San Diego, Ca), The Karmen
   Bar (Laguna Niguel, Ca), Treasure Island Flea Market (San Francisco, Ca), Da Kine
   Island Grill (San Jose, Ca) , Monterey County Fairgrounds (Monterey, Ca), The
   Tavern (Salinas, Ca), Live at Indigital Studios (Santa Cruz, Ca), Live on KZSC,
   88.1 fm (Santa Cruz, Ca), Planet Gemini (Monterey, CA), Pier 23 Cafe (San
   Francisco, CA), The Fox Theater (Salinas, Ca).